Welcome to AdMediaKing

AdMediaKing is a digital advertising solutions provider located in Haldia. Founded in 2003 with limited solutions and came to global digital advertising in 2013, AdMediaKing began as many companies do, with an idea and a bit of luck. Since that time, AdMediaKing has grown and persevered through tough economies and an ever changing industry. We’ve learned lessons, made the tough choices, and gained invaluable knowledge and the experience that only comes with being in the advertising industry since 2003. We look forward to working with you.

AdMediaKing goes above and beyond all the rest in that we see each individual as just that, an individual. We recognize that each person or organization is unique, and we work hard to adapt our services to fit everyone's needs.

For Advertisers

AdMediaKing Ad Network enables both Direct and Brand Advertisers the chance to secure cost effective web based media in a global marketplace.

As one of the fastest growing ad networks on the Internet, AdMediaKing is dedicated to ensuring success on any metric and to optimizing campaigns for all of our clients. We are proud to deliver more than 500 Million ads, every month, for clients ranging from niche direct marketers to major.

For Publishers

AdMediaKing is dedicated to monetizing our publishers' inventory at every level and geography of the serving impression. Utilizing a market-driven management platform, we fill from the first ad impression to the last at the highest possible payout.

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