Advertisers and Publishers.

AdMediaKing helps you manage your online advertising campaigns and achieve your business objectives.AdMediaKing RTB ad serving technology, which uses proprietary longitudinal research algorithms to effectively optimize the campaigns to deliver the best results for our clients.Ad MediaKing helps you get the maximum out of your advertising Money.

AdMediaKing offers webmasters the opportunity to earn additional income by simply incorporating a selection of clickable text or displaying targeted contextual advertising banners on their websites or blogs.

Our Services

Our automated RTB (real-time bidding) allows advertising inventory to be auctioned off in real-time to continually manage the balance between supply and demand. The benefits are realized on both ends.

RTB For Publishers

By managing inventory in real-time, we're able to increase yield by leveraging changes in demand to ensure that you always receive the highest rate for your ad space.

RTB For Advertisers

Real-time bidding paves the way for results to be maximized and costs minimized by allowing your campaign the flexibility to shift with changes in supply.

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